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automatic strapping machines manufacturer and supplier in dubai uae


Waylog company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Automatic and semi automatic strapping machines in Dubai, UAE. Distribution in Oman, Middle east and Africa. 

Heavy-duty frame & PU casting caster
Mech. Tension regulator
Modular arch, Stack type band flap in arch unit.
Hinge type table top.
Improved dispenser belt braking system.
Weld cooling.
Finishing: powder painting.


Sealing: Heating element,
Instant heating (heater blade system)
Stainless top table with idle rollers


Operating elements: Main power, strap feed and re-track switch, reset, auto
Feeding (equipped on auto feed version), emergency
stop switch, start button, table ball switch, footstep

Strap Width: 9mm, 12mm, 15.5mm ( width adjustable)


Automatic strapping machine 

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