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  • A simple but versatility TIJ inkjet printer

  • High print speed, reliable and maintenance-free

  • Robust and economic, easy in operation


Technology                     hpTIJ2.5

Housing                          Aluminum casting

Power requirement         AC 110-220v

Operation temperature   5°C ~45°C (41°F - 113°F)

Memory                          30 print messages

Print line                         1  1- 4 lines

Print height                     4 lines - 1.5mm, 4 lines - 3mm, 2 lines - 6mm, 1 line - 12.7mm

Print speed                     1 line - 60m/min, 2 lines - 45m/min, 4 lines - 33m/min

Max. print length             512 characters

Print resolution                600dpi

Ink throw distance           6mm

Weight                             652g (excluding cartrid ge)

Software function            Any of languages text, lot and b ox number, date- time code, logo

Print font                          Available two character fonts for printing

Dimension (L/W/H)          202x143x120 mm

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