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Waylog company is a leading manufacturer of Jumbo bagging machines from India with world wide installations in over 15 countries. Waylog provides high speed Jumbo bagging machine, for a wide range of products like Cements, Clinker, Fly Ash, Minerals, Fertilizers, Etc.


The big bag filling machine has been designed to fill even the most difficult to handle materials, using a time proven technique which involves high precision weighing coupled with a truncated pyramid table with vibrators, the filled material is weighed de-aerated and densified before leaving the filling station. The ultimate goal is to produce bags that are stable, stackable, safe & easy to handle.

Empty bags are mounted by hanging the four loops of the bulk bags on the suspended weigh frames easy to reach posts. The inlet spout is secured to the flared end of the filling head by a slip ring seal. The slip ring allows proper positioning of the liner when used. The bag is then inflated and the weight is tared. The electronics has a inbuilt timer- the duration of inflation is time settable. The filling cycle is controlled by the microcontroller for fast and efficient filling. The set points programmed included the target weight, fast/dribble feed, table up / down, no of cycles, vibration on time etc. Once filling and densification is complete the bag’s inlet spout is released from the filling head and tied off. The bulk bag is dismounted from the machine with a fork lift by simply driving under the pallet / bag, lifting it and backing out. The filling system can be complete with a up stream delivery device and the control system. The filling spout is concentric with 2 nozzles for AIR purging & aspiration systems.


 Filling Capacity: 200,500,750 & 1000 kgs can be filled in one cycle

 Filling Speed: 8-10 Bags/hr of 1000kgs

 Control: PLC Control

 Accuracy: 0.5% on FSR

 Mode of operation: Pneumatic Auto Bag clamping

 Power supply: 415V, 3Phase 50HZ for Panel 

 Application: Clinker, Fly ash, Cements, Fertilizers, Etc.

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