Labeling machines manufacturer and supplier in dubai uae

Waylog company is a leading manufacturer of Liquid filling machine, Capping and Labeling machines from India with world wide installations in over 15 countries. As an industry leader in this sector, we have a variety of options for general, household and agrochemical products. Waylog  provides High speed packaging machinery, for a wide range of products like food & beverages, Lubricants, Pharmaceutical, chemical and agrochemical, Etc. 

The self-adhesive sticker labeling machine is generally installed inline containers are transported along a slat conveyor & separated by a roller before entering the labeling station. The label is placed immediately on the container when it comes below the bottle sensor. Thus ensuring instant adhesion of the labels edge. Then it passes through the pressing unit resulting in the precise registration & crease free application. 


 Linear operation: 100ml - 1000ml | 500ml - 5000ml

 Automatic Round and Flat bottle labeling machine

 Control: PLC Based


 Pneumatic operation

 Easy to Install and more reliable 


Food and beverages, chemical, lubricants, etc.


Labeling machines manufacturer and supplier in dubai uae


Automatic labeling machine 

Labeling machine supplier in dubai uae | packaging systems | semi automatic

semiautomatic labeling.jpg

Semi-Automatic labeling machine 


Range: 100ml - 1000ml | 500ml - 5000ml

 Semi - Automatic Round, flat, Hexagon bottle labeling machine

 Pneumatic operation