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Weighbridge manufacturer and supplier in dubai UAE 

weigh bridge

The Waylog Weigh Bridge LWB series is specially designed to suit industries as well as public road weigh bridges- Rugged in design – Constructed with structural steel girders and rolled sections with heavy MS top plate- provided with antiskid facility. State of art technology is used for the weighing electronics and load cells. Data processing and printing is user friendly and customized. Surface Mounted - Pit type, Pit less type, Portable type . 



Analog \ Digital 
Compression type, shear beam type 
Side load immunity
Highly rugged and accurate
Hermetically sealed – IP68
Suitable for wash down application
Inbuilt Surge Voltage Protection (SVP) offers protection from lightning strikes
Standardized O/P – Ideal for muticell applications

Intelligent Terminal

Micro controller based
Full digital calibration
Auto zero tacking
Half inch bright LED weight display
RS 232/422 O/P for computer interface
2x16 character LCD for data entry
1000 weighment memory (expandable)
Customized ticket printout
Summary report printouts
Standard ASC II keyboard for data entry

Remote Display
1” / 2”/ 4” / 6” sizes available
High visibility


Capacity(Ton): 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 Ton

Resolution:5, 10, 20kg

Platform Size(m): 6x3, 9x3, 12x3, 16x3, 18x3


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